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The Smithson Valley High School Silver Spurs are a varsity dance team consisting of 9th-12th graders who work year-round, both on and off the dance floor. They perform at varsity football games, parades, basketball games, pep rallies, state and national competitions, and their annual spring show. 


The Silver Spurs team motto is: Adapt, Ambition, and Alliance.  The ability for each dancer to adapt in difficult times makes one a stronger athlete and team member. Having ambition brings a level of commitment from each team member to continuously make goals and accomplish them. Lastly, alliance is the bond that unifies the team on shared passions to radiate Ranger pride throughout the community, have flawless performances, and work hard to reach their goals.  


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The Silverados are the junior varsity dance team at Smithson Valley High School. They perform at both junior varsity and varsity home football games, local competitions, parades, and the Silver Spur’s annual spring show.  The Silverados’ purpose is to help prepare dancers to dance at the varsity level, gain leadership skills, and to have the opportunity to spread Ranger pride.  

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